Ideas For Cleaning a Washing Machine

We use the washing machine to wash down away the dirt and filth from your clothes, but have you taken the same care for your washing machine? Though we do not necessarily need to clean our washing machine on a daily basis, it is still important to uphold the cleanliness of your washing machine to prevent clog gage and other maintenance issues that may arise from a dirty washing machine.

Here are 4 tips on how to clean your washing machine.


Containing about 5% of acetic acid solutions, white vinegar is a very useful product for both culinary and cleaning purposes. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into your washing machine. Choose the highest spin cycle and let the washing machine run it through. This process will help to eliminate any mold particles are dirt that is stuck at the washer agitator and barrel.

Lime Juice

If your washing machine is more than 8 years old, chances are that there may be signs of rust problems. For such problems, you can either use salt or lime juice to run through the washing machine. Switch on the washing cycle and let the water rinse out thereafter. Choose the hottest or heaviest load option.

Baking soda

There are many uses for baking soda. One of them is for cleaning washing machine. bosch washing machine 8kg This is because baking soda contains alkaline which can help to neutralize acids and reduce dirt particles. This makes it a very effective cleaning agent. Just add baking soda and similarly, run it through a heavy wash. You can also mix with your laundry detergent to beef up the strength when you wash the clothes.

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